Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Moving in Next Week!

It's official! We booked movers to come on Monday morning! First, I have to say that hiring movers makes me feel like a grown up. After years of schlepping my stuff from place to place via. a friend with a pick up truck; I just couldn't stomach another Sanford & Sons style move. Real, bona fide movers are going to be such a luxury!

I woke up early and headed to straight to Wendell this morning. I pulled up to five trucks in the driveway and men busy at was a beautiful site my friends! The porch ceiling was scraped and painted Haint Blue. The broken front windows were rebuilt with antique glass to match the rest of the house. Septic tank was pumped....holy mother of Mary- just be glad you weren't there! 

Between answering questions as "the lady of the house" and Home Depot runs I managed to paint most of the master bedroom walls. Late afternoon, Darden took over so that I could go to work where I spent the rest of the day helping customers and explaining why I had paint in my hair. 

I am currently avoiding sorting through my clothes hoping that the moving fairies will come tomorrow while I am at work and take care of- will keep you posted on that one. 

I can't wait to have the move behind us so that we can get back to the fun stuff! Speaking of fun stuff...I thought I would share this D.I.Y bookshelf tutorial using old wooden palettes from Anna White Home Maker. Here's hoping that you have a bit more free time than I do at the moment- if anyone makes this please share pictures!