Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stepping Up

One of the first things you see when you enter our new home are quite possibly the steepest stairs you will ever see. Seriously, it takes some effort to climb these bad boys...we are talking steep, narrow & as you can see OLD. Because we hope to have kids one day (and I am still half kid anyway) I thought that fun colorful stairs may be the way to go.  Something bright & cheerful without screaming "this way to the romper room". Plus, if you gotta scale these beasts you might as well do it in style.

 I love the idea of using old, mismatched house numbers on each tread....hey, kill two birds with one stone...right? Climb stairs while learning to count! hmmmm.....would advertising that you have to climb 13 stairs be an issue?

Because the stairs are each so narrow I hate to add carpet- making them even more narrow. I will definitely add a painted "runner" instead. Besides, I have no idea how to install carpet but I can't paint like the wind. Oh! And paint is much, much cheaper than carpet!

I found this photo on Design Sponge (quite possibly one of the coolest sites around) Both of my ideas wrapped into one!

I've been drawn to stripes lately (wait until you see the amt. of Matress ticking I am using) so this design appeals to me. Maybe I will paint a striped runner. Decisions, decisions.

Alright y'all. Ideas? Seen a cool stairway redo? Weigh in now!


Our new Home!

Welcome! As many of you know, Darden & I are in the process of moving from the bustling neighborhood of North Hills to a little town about twenty minutes away. We have both dreamt of living in the country for years & now our dream is coming to fruition! We both fell madly in love with this old farmhouse (built in 1890) the minute we saw it.

Our current home is now under contract & the moving process is underway!

Stay posted as we embark on the project of a lifetime! We have a TON of work to do to take this old farmhouse from a house to a home!

Thanks for all of your support & friendship. We can't wait to have you out to the farm!