Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Its a BOY! (but he is not mine)

No, no, NO. Not mine! My sister is having a boy...I am not pregnant so don't panic when you see me out with a glass of wine in hand! 
 In a few short months I will have a new nephew! YAY!

As a baby gift to my sister (and because I live for this sort of thing) I have volunteered to decorate her nursery. This is going to be a bit of a challenge because my sister, Hillary, & are really different. Hillary & her husband, Josh, are drawn to clean lined, no frills decorating. So...I am hanging up my vintage seeking, ruffle loving ways & gearing up for a modern, graphic inspired nursery makeover.

Hillary really wants to use primary colors & already has a red armchair/ glider that she wants to use. I love the idea of a black & white nursey with pops of red but somehow I don't think she is going to let me paint her dark wood crib black. How cool would that be? Too bad she can't drink...I would love to get her tipsy tomorrow at Thanksgiving & convince her to let me paint the crib. Darn. 

Now that I think about mom does have a beautiful white Jenny Lind (spindled) crib in her attic. Maybe....just maybe I can talk her into swapping her dark crib out for the white one.

I would love to paint the walls gray, introduce the white crib & do a gray & red theme. 

from Design Dazzle

Check this painted red spindle bed! LOVE!!!

And...not red & gray but some of my favorite nurseries. Talk about inspiration!
love the stripes & flokati rug! from Buy Modern Baby

Perfection! The striped ceiling is amazing!!!
Talk about Luxe! Love the Olio bedding!

Oh, so many to choose from! I am SOOOO excited! Will keep you posted as things progress! 


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  1. Did she tell you that I dreamed she was Pregnant, and the baby was a boy? This was before she knew she was pregnant.I know he has two great big sisters.I love those girls. Nor Nor


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