Monday, November 28, 2011

Cleaning up the Kitchen

Project Organize is underway! As I mentioned a couple of days ago, I am reading a book called 31 Days to Clean. Notice that I changed the way that I worded this...a few days I was "doing" 31 Days to I am "reading" it. While the book is insightful, I realize that I have bigger fish to fry. Maybe one day scrubbing my walls will be a priority but for now, getting the Cuisinart out of the hallway will do just fine. 

I realized that I have been slipping. Things were so crazy at first that I was just happy to get the boxes in the house, paint a few walls & unpack our clothes. So, now the fine tuning. 

I am sure y'all are all tired of hearing about our closet situation...or lack there of but bear with me. Let me whine for just a second. IT IS TERRIBLE! I MISS CLOSETS!!!!

Okay, thanks for letting me get that out. 

This week, I am focusing on the kitchen/den since its the space that we spend most of our time. We decided to use the eat in kitchen as a great room...the back half of the room serves as our den rather than dining area. 90% of our time (awake that is) is spent in these 800 SF. I fugure that fact alone is reason enough to start in the kitchen area. 

Todays Mission: Base Cabinets

Tonight, my sweet husband installed slide out baskets under our kitchen island. Such a simple change but boy what a difference it makes! The island is awesome but it is super wide & the doors all open into one big space. Until now, that space was a giant black hole. Now, everything is nice & organized and easy to access. Hooray!

Next up:Upper Cabinets.

I could (and seriously considered) write an entire post about the trouble with glass front cabinets. Before you gasp - let me say...yes, I agree, they are gorgeous. I know that most people would kill for a kitchen full of glass front cabinets. I love theory. Live with them for a while. We don't have a single solid upper cabinet with a solid front...even our pantry is glass! 

Here is the problem....
Glass front cabinets look amazing in magazines. Ours would too if we existed solely off of french lemonade & food that just happens to come in cool cans with retro graphics. BUT WE DON'T. 

Fact is, dog food & ziploc bags are not that cute. What happens in real life when all of your stuff is on display? 

I have toyed with the idea of frosting the glass. Mistake??? I am torn. 

I would love to be the person who could commit transfer everything to beautiful containers. Could I keep this up?

This is what our glass front cabinets look like now. A far cry from the picture above. 

Now that I have shown you our cabinet mess I have to do something about it. Blogs are great for accountability. 

So, wish me luck. I can't wait to report back with the revamp!

Suggestions? Should I frost them or just bite the bullet & commit to transferring everything to cute containers? 



  1. Hi Fi!

    Have you thought of some cute curtains? Fast and inexpensive solution I think. I think frosting would look great too. Maybe take out the glass panes and replace with wood??? That would be very time consuming though I would guess. Hope all is well.


  2. Hi Gail!!! Curtains are a great idea! I like the look of the glass I just don't like seeing all our junk! My mom made curtains for our lower cabinets which have no doors & they look super cute.

  3. ohh, i read this from my phone last night & gail took my answer clever girl.

    i know in the amish community where we live (we are not amish) simple white organdy (sometimes pleated & fastened with elastic bands top & bottom) is common. i had a similar curtain in my glass front cabinet in the bathroom pre-remodel.

    in the end just go with what you love most & what works for the way you live.

    'bout forgot ~ i have a crazy schedule & i went with the glass jars for flour, sugar, etc & couldn't be happier. :)

  4. I have a cabinet that I used ticking to make curtains for. It turned out really cute! I made them 30 years ago, and they are still in the cabinet because I love them. Of course, they have been washed from time to time, lol.


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