Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Christmas on my Mind

I woke up this morning to an actual chill! Could have something to do with the fact that our house has no insulation & very old windows but still! A chill! With the weather turning cooler & the leaves changing I have the holidays on my mind. I am hoping to persuade my family to spend the holidays here this year- a serious break in tradition. For that to happen- I better seriously step up my game. You see, my mom is the original Martha...her name is Martha & trust me, Martha Stewart aint' got a thing on this lady.

We painted (okay, we had help) our picket fence this past weekend. It looks great! My mom felt strongly about this project...she literally wouldn't stop talking about it. She swore that it would make a huge difference and, like usual, she was right!

This is what it looked like before:

Pardon the mess on the front porch. Remember, we don't have closets so the porch has become a repository for anything we have yet to find a home for. Lends a lovely Sanford & Son quality doesn't it? 

I sent my mom a picture but she had to drive out and see it for herself. She jumped out of the car & went on & on about how fantastic it looked then immediately turned to me with all seriousness and solemnly stated..."you know this is going to take a lot of garland" .

I love the fact that this freshly painted fence automatically leads her to garland. Its true. Once again, she is right. The fence will look amazing with garland but honestly, the holidays hadn't really crossed my mind...well, except the day in September when she dropped off the ribbon that she bought for my Christmas bows.

So all this chilly weather, the obvious change in season & my super crafty, ultimate hostess mom now have me thinking about the impending holidays.

Thanks to my good friend, Pinterest, I have found a ton of inspiration. Here are just a few of my favorite DIY Christmas decorations.

I am loving these old book page covered Christmas ornaments! via Flea Market Style

My mom has a wreath like this & I am obsessed! How cute is this? via Georgia Peachez

This no sew ruffled tree skirt is brilliant! Via. Miss Mustard Seed
And of course (this one will make my mama proud) 

A little snow never hurt when it comes to decorating for the holidays! via: Growers Box  

More holiday ideas to come! For now, enjoy the fall! 


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  1. I love the garland of the fence. things are looking great. pgt


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